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Who should enrol?

This workshop is designed especially for students who are approaching their thesis semester of B.Arch. A thesis is the most crucial semester of a student’s academic journey, becoming his/her identity as a designer. A good thesis involves many factors, one of which and perhaps the most important one is the selection of the topic and the approach to the design problem.

This workshop will help you in identifying your interests and will also guide you about various processes of topic selection, topic justification and so on.  It will help you in the preparation of a robust synopsis which can become a foundation of a meaningful design process

Learnings for You

  • Clarity on what are the Various approaches to initiate a design thesis

  • Synopsis: Its meaning and how to frame them. 

  • How to select a Topic for Thesis

  • How to select a site for the Thesis

  • The role of a Guide and how to select a suitable guide for your project 

  • How to Identify appropriate case studies. 



Day 1 


Session 1, 10:00 to 12:00

A detailed seminar on various approaches to thesis, topic selection, and guide selection of the site. Followed by Q&A

Session 2, 13:30 to 15:30

A detailed seminar on the Thesis framework, Synopsis, and Case study. Followed by Q&A

Day 2


Session 1, 10:00 to 12:00

One to One discussion with participants about their thesis ideas

Session 2, 13:30 to 15:30

One to One discussion with participants about their thesis ideas

Participation in Day 2 is optional and a separate registration will be required to take part in the discussions.

Registration charges.

For Day 1: INR 750/-

For Days 1 & 2 together: 1250/-

Group of 4 Students :

1800/- (for 1 Day)
3200/- (For both days)

(Please mail us at, with a list of 4 students (Name, Mobile Number & Email) to whom the meeting link will be shared through Email. Full registration fees should be paid by one participant only)


About the  Tutor

Ar Shaunak Desai

Shaunak Desai is an Architect and an Urbanist based in Surat, Gujarat. He has over 11 years long association with the field of Architecture. He completed his B.Arch. from SCET, Surat and His M.Arch. (Urban Design) from the School of Planning and Architecture, SPA Bhopal.  

He has a practice and a research consultancy in Surat. He has extensive work in the domain of Heritage documentation.  His research interests are Indian Urbanism, Heritage Interpretation, Socio-Cultural aspects of Architecture and Modernism. 

He has been associated with academia for over 8 years now and has successfully guided over 40 students for their Design thesis and mentored over 100 students to make their Design thesis meaningful. 

He has delivered lectures and Seminars at various campuses like Anant National University, Amity University, ITM University, Uka Tarsadia University, NASA zonal conventions, and NASA National Convention. 

Currently, he is associated with Indus University, Ahmedabad as an Associate Professor. He is an avid reader, Ritter and traveller with a keen interest in observations and analysis. 

 Few Testimonials

Para Chauhan
GCPIA, Surat

After my research thesis semester, I was so confused regarding what topic to choose and which way to work further in my design thesis, you didn’t only solve all my questions but you also shared your perspective regarding this upcoming semester, which was the best part of your workshop. The other thing I loved is, you made us clear about so many other little things which we are gonna face during our thesis. I am grateful for that! 😇 I am glad that I’ve got to attend this  workshop 😊 

SOA-PPSU, Kosamba

It was good to have this interactive workshop. I gain insights about how to approach thesis, mainly thesis topic selection.

Bella Fernandes 
DSPA, Hyderabad 

The workshop was very insightful . I was not able to frame my thesis ideas properly and was struggling with the topic selection itself. The workshop gave me a very clear idea about what kind of topic i should be taking up. It also gave me a very clear idea about how to go ahead with my site selection. I wish it was longer and that i could get guidance for design stage as well .


I had many ideas about what I should be doing for my Thesis and I had many notions and confusion about the entire process. r. The workshop changed my entire perspective about My Thesis. It oriented me towards a much more logical and clearer track

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