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The Heritage Odyssey

Indulge in a captivating journey through the heart of India's cultural legacy with our meticulously crafted heritage trip to Khajuraho, Orchha, and Gwalior. Begin your adventure in Khajuraho, where the intricately carved temples stand as a testament to the artistic brilliance of the Chandela dynasty. Marvel at the sensuous sculptures that adorn the temples, depicting a harmonious blend of spirituality and human emotion.


Continue your odyssey to Orcha, a hidden gem nestled along the banks of the Betwa River. Explore the architectural wonders of Orcha Fort and the surreal beauty of the Jahangir Mahal. Each monument unfolds a chapter of history, providing a glimpse into the grandeur of bygone eras.


As you journey to Gwalior, be prepared to be awe-struck by the imposing Gwalior Fort. Dominating the skyline, this fortress echoes tales of valor and royalty. Wander through the intricate interiors of the Man Mandir Palace and witness the mesmerizing Sas Bahu Temples, showcasing the architectural finesse of the bygone era.


Immerse yourself in the local culture, savoring traditional cuisine and experiencing the vibrant marketplaces. Our heritage trip promises not just sightseeing but an immersive exploration of India's heritage, allowing you to connect with the soul of the country. Join us for an unforgettable sojourn where history comes alive, and every step unveils a new layer of India's rich and diverse legacy.

24 - 28



4 Nights & 5 Days

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Female Traveller!




Days of Exploration


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Curated Group 


Registration Fees




ex- Delhi (Shatabdi / Gatiman)


  • Premium Return trains from Delhi (Shatabdi / Gatiman)

  • Twin Sharing AC rooms

  • 4 Breakfast & 4 Dinners

  • All transfers in comfortable AC vehicle

  • All ASI entry Tickets

  • Guided Heritage walks

  • All Guide Charges

  • Applicable GST

  • A safe & curated experience


  • Any Personal expenditure

  • Boating / Water sports / Adventure sports charges

  • Anything that is not mentioned in the list of inclusions

  • Travel Charges where Traveller / Group vehicle can not enter.

Travel Plan

Day 01: 24 January 2024

Early Morning train from Delhi (Gatiman / Shatabdi). Arrival at Gwalior city. Pick-up from the airport/Railway station (for travellers reaching Gwalior directly). Visit the Gwalior fort before taking a road journey to the medieval city of Orcha. Check-in to the Hotel. Explore the heritage monuments in the city. Overnight stay and Dinner at the Hotel.

Day 2: 25 January 2024​


Take an early morning heritage & photo walk in the city. Post Breakfast visit important heritage structures in the city. Spend a calm evening at the banks of the Betwa River. vernight stay and Dinner at the Hotel.


Day 3: 26 January 2024​

Post Breakfast, travel to the World Heritage site of Khajuraho. Explore important structures. Experience the light & sound show*. Overnight stay and Dinner at the Hotel.


Day 4: 27 January 2024

Take an early morning heritage & photo walk in the city. Post Breakfast visit the remaining important heritage monuments in the city. Overnight stay and Dinner at the Hotel.


Day 5: 28 January 2024​

Check-out from the hotel. Travel to Gwalior. Visit important heritage sites in the Gwalior city. Take a late evening train (Shatabdi) from Gwalior to Delhi. / Drop at the station/airport for Travellers travelling directly to their home towns.

Reviews of Past Participants 

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''One of the most enjoyable trips I've had this year. Our trip leader, Shaunak Desai was a thorough professional in terms of planning and yet was very friendly and approachable. All arrangements were to expected standards and had no complaints at all. Will definitely be traveling with them again.''

Sathya Marie, Entrepreneur, Chennai

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