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Logo of UrbanArch Foundation

UrbanArch Foundation

Architecture I Urbanism I Exploration

UrbanArch is a collaborative of young professionals, who are passionate about both built and cultural heritage of India. The foundation focuses on identification and documentation of the tangible as well as intangible aspects of our collective history and identity. The foundation conducts design workshops and field trips for students and young professionals. 


Upcoming Heritage Exploration

Travel Memories


Meet the Team of UrbanArch! Individuals behind the platform with one common motivation - Preserve the Heritage of India!


''Learning by Doing ''! We at UrbanArch are in constant development of unique workshops as well as seminars to address the crucial gaps in existing knowledge delivery system


We are in a continuous process of documenting the built heritage as well as intangible aspects which creates our sense of place 


Travel with us to understand the world better! Every year we conduct two intense travel studio programmes based on evolving themes

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